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NOTE7 All   For re-vulcanized Pedal Pads, see the Weatherstriping section. Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
C501413RP 1926-38   Universal Floor Mount Shifter Knob, Standard Trans, All exc 1938 Column Shift, Black $16.62/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C50003524 1932-38   Gearshift Boot, Black, OEM for 553577 $22.77/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C50003589 1932-38   Gearshift Boot, Brown, OEM for 553577 $33.81/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C502100R 1932-48   Brake & Clutch Pedal Pads, Brown $23.00/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C70170124 1934-48   Anti-Rub Cover for Brake Cable, fits All Mdls w/ a 7/16 OD cable $4.26/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C499119R 1935-36   Starter Pedal Cover, 3/8 ID hole for rod, Black $19.32/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C408232BKR 1937-48   Starter Pedal Cover, Black $17.25/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C408232BNR 1937-48   Starter Pedal Cover, Brown $17.25/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C507167RP 1938-48   Gearshift Knob, a nice Ivory replacement $18.40/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C501563R 1939-40   Grommet, Steering Column at Toeboard, Brown $29.56/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C519357R 1949-57   Accelerator Rod Boot Bellow, 1949-54 requires slight modification for hole in floor $14.38/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C511028R 1949-62   Brake & Clutch Pedal Pads, Black, All w/ MT, All Tempest 1961-63, All Full Size 1935-62 $23.00/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C515126R 1953-56   Gearshift Boot, Black $16.10/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C9770818R 1963-63   Clutch & Brake Pedal Pads, P8 w/ MT, OEM, 2 1/8" x 3 1/8" $57.39/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C9770817R 1963-64   Parking Brake Pedal Pad, OEM, 2 1/8" x 2 1/8" $22.08/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3921648R 1964-75   Brake & Clutch Pedal Pad, MT only, 1964 TLMGTO, 1965-70 All, 1971 TLMGTO, F, G, 1972-75 TLMGTO, F Brake Pedals only $11.04/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3893181 1967-77   Parking Brake Pedal Pad, 1967-68 F6 F8, 1971-72 All A B G, 1976-77 A B G, 1978-81 B $4.31/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3888682R 1967-81   Brake Pedal Pad, OEM, AT only, 1967-69 All F w/ 36 grooves, 1969-73 All A G w/ trim plate, 1970-75 All F, 1971-75 All H X, 1972-73 All B exc adj pedal, 1976-81 F, 1976-79 X $13.80/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C913371R 1968-68   Floor Shifter Knob, Auto Trans, black plastic w/ clip, All exc GTO $17.25/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C489779 1973-81   Brake Pedal Pad, AT, 1973-75 All A G, 1976-77 A B G X w/ Custom Trim Pads, 1977-81 B JL1 w/ Custom Pads, 1978-79 X JL1 w/ Custom Pads $15.99/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3994495 1976-81   Brake Pedal Pad, AT exc Custom Trim, 1976-77 A G, 1977-81 B, 1977-79 X, 1980-81 X M34 $9.38/ea [VIEW/ADD]