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C4698573M All   Firewall Pad Clips, Metal $2.01/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4698573P All   Firewall Pad Clips, Plastic $0.92/ea [VIEW/ADD]
NOTE9 All   Pads are formed as original from grain vinyl and have sewn rubber strips along the bottom when correct. Please specify Brown or Black. Pads do not come with clips. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Pads are UPS oversize for shipping. We are constantly Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
CP31307CR 1931-31   Firewall Pad, Mdl 307 $163.30/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CP3300CR 1933-33   Firewall Pad $213.90/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CP3400CR 1934-34   Firewall Pad $213.90/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CP3600CR 1935-36   Firewall Pad, 8 cylinder only $213.90/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CP3700CR 1937-37   Firewall Pad $213.90/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CP3806CR 1938-38   Firewall Pad, 6 cylinder $213.90/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4092747R 1939-39   Firewall Pad, Mdl 25 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4092748R 1939-39   Firewall Pad, Mdl 26 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4092749R 1939-39   Firewall Pad, Mdl 28 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4105929R 1940-40   Firewall Pad Mdl 26 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4105930R 1940-40   Firewall Pad, Mdl 25 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4105928R 1940-40   Firewall Pad, Mdl 28 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4105927R 1940-40   Firewall Pad, Mdl 29 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4116190R 1941-41   Firewall Pad, Mdl 2567 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4116191 1941-41   Firewall Pad, Mdls 25, 26, 27 & 28 exc 2567 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4115094 1941-41   Firewall Pad, Mdls 2919 & 2927 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4125520 1942-42   Firewall Pad, 1942 All Mdls 25 & 27, 1946-47 Mdls 25 & 27 exc 2567 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4125544R 1942-47   Firewall Pad, 1942-47 Mdls 26 & 28, 1946-47 SW only $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4148935R 1946-47   Firewall Pad, Mdl 2567 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4162584R 1948-48   Firewall Pad, Mdl 25 exc 2567 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4162586R 1948-48   Firewall Pad, Mdl 2567 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4162729R 1948-48   Firewall Pad, Mdl 26/28 $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4563394R 1949-50   Firewall Pad, All exc 2567 Convertible $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4563395R 1949-50   Firewall Pad, Mdl 2567 Convertible $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4588816R 1951-52   Firewall Pad, All $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4615288R 1953-54   Firewall Pad, 1953 All, 1954 All exc Sed Del $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4642660R 1954-54   Firewall Pad, All Sed Del $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4661913R 1955-55   Firewall Pad, All $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4685777R 1956-56   Firewall Pad, All $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4698725R 1957-57   Firewall Pad, All $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4730574R 1958-58   Firewall Pad, All $217.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CP5960C 1959-60   Firewall Pad, OEM, leather-grained ABS Plastic, 1959-60 Bonneville $188.60/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CP6100C 1961-61   Firewall Pad, OEM, leather-grained ABS Plastic, All Full Size $213.90/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CP6200C 1962-62   Firewall Pad, OEM, leather-grained ABS Plastic, All Full Size $213.90/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CP6364CR 1963-64   Firewall Pad, OEM, leather-grained ABS Plastic, All Full Size $188.60/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CPC281 1965-66   Firewall Pad, All Catalina w/ AC $73.32/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CPC280 1965-66   Firewall Pad, All Catalina w/o AC $73.32/ea [VIEW/ADD]