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CWH38131 All   Breakerless SE Single Wire Electronic Ignition Kit, for 1957-74 Breaker Point Distributors w/ Windowed Type Distributor Cap $182.85/kit [VIEW/ADD]
CS5060S All   Convertible Hose Set, original style, specify nylon or black rubber $86.25/set [VIEW/ADD]
CWH38298 All   Distributor Point Plate Ground Wire, runs from distributor point plate to distributor housing, All Models $6.90/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CWH36057 All   Distributor Wire, runs from distributor points to coil negative terminal, All V8 $10.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CTCMT All   Energy Absorbing Material, Polyvinyl Foam, 1/4 x 32 x 54, Recommend for trim & door panels $74.69/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C70110044 All   Fender Welting, Universal, 25' length, black $13.80/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C9292 All   Floor Plug, plastic, 1 1/4 W $1.15/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C9291 All   Floor Plug, plastic, 1 W $1.15/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3617 All   Grommet, Door Trim Pad $0.17/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CWHR0067108 All   Harness Tape, 1 1/4" Vinyl, Non-Adhesive, 100 foot roll $12.59/roll [VIEW/ADD]
CWHR0058276 All   Harness Tape, 1" Vinyl, Non-Adhesive, 100 foot roll $12.59/roll [VIEW/ADD]
CWHR0058272 All   Harness Tape, 3/4" Vinyl, Non-Adhesive, 100 foot roll $12.59/roll [VIEW/ADD]
CWH500274R All   Low Fuel Indicator Module, replacement, generic "adjustable" low fuel warning module, a complete electronic control unit to activate a warning lamp or relay when fuel level drops below a user adjustable level $57.44/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CPM719 All   Paint Kit, 14" Rally II Wheels $9.27/kit [VIEW/ADD]
CPM720 All   Paint Kit, 15" Rally II Wheels $9.27/kit [VIEW/ADD]
C70064545 All   Rubber Sheet, 1/8 thick, contains random milled cotton cord, for reinforcing Front End Splash Aprons, Sold in 42 x 30 (8.75 sq ft) sheets $26.80/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CPE5072TU All   Seat Belt, Metal Buckle, Turquoise, Front Bench or Bucket Seat, 72 Long $32.14/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CPE5072W All   Seat Belt, Metal Buckle, White, Front Bench or Bucket Seat, 72 Long $32.14/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CPRP2658A All   Tack Strip Pad Material, 8 x 1/2 x 3/8 $9.20/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CPRP2658B All   Tack Strip Pad Material, 8 x 5/8 x 1/8 $9.20/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CWIRE16 All   Wire, Cloth-Covered 16 Gauge, specify color $0.30/ft [VIEW/ADD]
C3072 1967-67   4 Speed Shift Boot, w/ console, 1967 Firebird $26.11/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C2409 1967-67   Antenna Gasket, 1967-69 Firebird $4.03/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C2196 1967-67   Bellhousing to Clutch Fork Rubber Boot, 1967-75 Firebird $5.52/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3070 1967-67   Bucket Seat Bumpers, 1967-69 Firebird $6.21/pr [VIEW/ADD]
CK88065 1967-67   Bumper Kit, 1967-68 Firebird $14.89/kit [VIEW/ADD]
C4872948R 1967-67   Bumper, 1968-72 Rear Compartment Lid, lower corners of lid, OEM, 15/16" OD, 3/8" thick for 1/4" hole, 2 per car, also 1965-67 Folding Third Seat Bumper for 9 Passenger Wagon, various models $1.04/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C7637192R 1967-67   Bumper, Door, 1 1/16" x 13/16" x 3/8", 2 prong, 1959 All 4dr, 1967-69 Firebird, 1967-69 All Full Size 2dr & Grand Prix $1.15/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C5350B 1967-67   Bumper, Glove Box, All 1953-75 $2.30/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C400765R 1967-67   Bumper, Hood Stop Adjustable, 1958-67 All, 1968-75 All A B G, 1970-73 All F, 1975 A B F X $2.07/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C4721222R 1967-67   Bumper, Rear Compartment Lid, installs on lid, 7/8" OD, 5/16" thick, fit 1/4" hole, OEM, All models $1.61/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C8400 1967-67   Bumper, Trunk, 1957-67 Bonn, 1955-67 Cat, 1967 Exec, 1967-68 F, 1962-67 GP, 1964-67 GTO, 1963-67 LM, 1954-66 Starchief, 1961-67 Tempest, 1960-77 Ventura $0.92/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CRP31F 1967-67   Clutch Rod Boot, installs on firewall, 1967-69 Firebird $29.84/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C60065521 1967-67   Conduit, for front door electric window wires or power lock vacuum lines, incl hoses & grommets, 2dr set, 1967-68 Firebird $68.66/set [VIEW/ADD]
C82001563 1967-67   Conv Hinge Pillar Seal, 1967 Firebird $51.41/pr [VIEW/ADD]
CRR1500 1967-67   Conv Roof Rail Weatherstrip, w/ molded header, 1967-69 Firebird $195.44/set [VIEW/ADD]
C3044 1967-67   Conv Top Header Seal, w/ clips & molded ends, 1967-69 Firebird $91.43/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3044A 1967-67   Conv Top Header Seal, w/ clips, w/o molded ends, 1967-69 Firebird $21.28/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C70098558 1967-67   Division Post Run Channel, All models w/ vent windows, flexible, flock lined, w/ molded upper stop, pair $35.08/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C31101RS 1967-67   Door Bumper Set, 1967-69 Firebird $7.59/set [VIEW/ADD]
C7638506L 1967-67   Door Weatherstrip, Latex, 1967 Firebird $114.94/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C7638506R 1967-67   Door Weatherstrip, rubber, 1967 Firebird $67.85/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C4099478R 1967-67   Door Window Stops, 1 1/4" square by 1/2" thick, 1959 All Front Door Window Stop, 1959 End Gate for 2135-45, 2735 $5.18/pr [VIEW/ADD]
CF001 1967-67   Fender Skirt Splash Apron Kit, 1967-69 Firebird $22.94/kit [VIEW/ADD]
CK929 1967-67   Firewall & Cowl Seal Kit, 5 pcs, 1967-68 Firebird $20.64/kit [VIEW/ADD]
C4805844R 1967-67   Firewall Plug, 1 1/16" W for 3/4" hole $2.19/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4124441R 1967-67   Firewall Plug, 3/4" hole, OEM $3.22/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C30702 1967-67   Fold Down Seat Bumpers, 1967 Firebird $17.14/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C82001755 1967-67   Front Door Vent Window Seals, incl Division Post Seals, 1967 Firebird Coupe & Conv $69.35/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C3117 1967-67   Gas Tank Anti-Squeak Kit, 1967-69 Firebird $14.61/kit [VIEW/ADD]
C3698109R 1967-67   Grommet, All Convertible, folding top hydraulic pump mount, 4 per car, special design to hold pump mounting bracket to floor pan, replaces 3698109 $1.61/set [VIEW/ADD]
C40008388 1967-67   Grommet, Dimmer Switch, for carpet application, 2 3/4 W flange for stitching, 1 hole for dimmer switch, for closed bodies $7.48/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4566397R 1967-67   Grommet, Glove Box Check Link, OEM, 1955-58 All, 1961-67 TLMGTO, 1962-64 B MT console door, 1967-69 F $5.06/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CHA7A 1967-67   Hood Adjustment Bolt Cap, 1967-72 Firebird, 1966-70 TLMGTO $3.80/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C6832 1967-67   Hood Side Bumpers, 1967-68 Firebird $10.12/set [VIEW/ADD]
C3927646R 1967-67   Hood to Cowl Seal, Seal only, 1967-69 Firebird $11.50/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CK900 1967-67   Hood to Fender Bumpers, 1967-69 Firebird $3.09/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CALP11 1967-67   Lock Pillar U-Jamb Seals, 1967-69 Firebird $21.85/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C3075 1967-67   Lower Steering Column Boot, 1967-69 Firebird $16.79/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C2305 1967-67   Mirror Gasket, 1967-68 Firebird $3.68/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C5044 1967-67   Oil Filler Cap, 1967-84 TLMGTO & Firebird $6.21/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3893181 1967-67   Parking Brake Pedal Pad, 1967-68 F6 F8, 1971-72 All A B G, 1976-77 A B G, 1978-81 B $4.31/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3094 1967-67   Parking Brake Pedal Pad, 1971-72 TLMGTO & 1967-68 Firebird $5.52/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C2328 1967-67   Plastic Firewall Wiring Gutter, 1965-70 All Full Size, 1967-68 Firebird $11.27/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3022 1967-67   Quarter Window Seals, all rubber, 1967-69 Firebird $21.16/pr [VIEW/ADD]
CD7CA1230H 1967-67   Quarter Window Stops, 1967-69 Firebird $19.08/pr [VIEW/ADD]
CD7CA1205H 1967-67   Quarter Window Vertical Seal, 1967-69 Firebird Hardtop & Conv $16.04/pr [VIEW/ADD]
CK664 1967-67   Quarter Window Vertical Seal, OEM Style, 1967-69 Firebird Hardtop & Conv $34.44/pr [VIEW/ADD]
CA4242 1967-67   Rear Hood Bumper, 1967-69 Firebird $2.88/pr [VIEW/ADD]
CHF73 1967-67   Rocker Panel Plug, 1967-69 Firebird $1.48/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C7639151L 1967-67   Roof Rail Weatherstrip, Latex, 1967 Firebird 2dr Hardtop $114.94/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C7639151R 1967-67   Roof Rail Weatherstrip, rubber, 1967 Firebird 2dr Hardtop $57.50/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C3047 1967-67   Speedo Cable Grommet, 1967-69 Firebird $7.82/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3045 1967-67   Splash Flap Set, 1967-68 Firebird $31.86/set [VIEW/ADD]
C3079 1967-67   Standard Horn Cap Rubber Retainer Ring, 1967-68 Firebird $6.67/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CRP303C 1967-67   Sunvisor Rod Tip, gray, 1964-70 TLMGTO, 1967-69 Firebird, 1964-70 Grand Prix $1.83/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C6846 1967-67   Tail Lamp Housing Seals, 1967-68 Firebird $16.22/pr [VIEW/ADD]
CMB81 1967-67   Tail Lamp Mounting Base Gasket, 1967-68 Firebird $29.84/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C70117265 1967-67   Tape, Bowdrill cloth, Black, 2 1/2 wide x 60 long $9.78/roll [VIEW/ADD]
C70117565 1967-67   Tape, Bowdrill cloth, Black, 5 wide x 60 long $21.97/roll [VIEW/ADD]
C70117365 1967-67   Tape, Bowdrill cloth, Tan, 2 1/2 wide x 60 long $9.78/roll [VIEW/ADD]
C70117665 1967-67   Tape, Bowdrill cloth, Tan, 5 wide x 60 long $21.97/roll [VIEW/ADD]
C70229335 1967-67   Traction Bar Snubber Bumper, for radius rod traction bars, 1967 Firebird $25.88/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C88004R 1967-67   Trunk Weatherstrip, 17 length, excellent quality Rubber sponge, more durable than original, trim ends to fit $28.75/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C88004B 1967-67   Trunk Weatherstrip, All Models exc SW, $25.00 Set, 17' Per Car $1.69/ft [VIEW/ADD]
CWS515 1967-67   Trunk Weatherstrip, Latex, 1967-81 Firebird $91.94/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CK3020 1967-67   Trunk Weatherstrip, rubber, 1967-81 Firebird $18.34/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CK917 1967-67   Vertical Glass Run Channel, R&L, 1967 Firebird 2dr Hardtop & Conv $25.24/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C70074960 1967-67   Weatherstrip Beltline Inner, SS top bead & bottom rubber lip, pair $26.22/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C1033065R 1967-67   Window Glass Run Channel, flexible, flocked-lined rubber, 72" length $17.25/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C70065158 1967-67   Window Glass Sash Beltline Inner Channel, 1/4" chrome edge, 6' length $22.66/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3131 1967-67   Window Weatherstrip, 1967 Firebird Conv $74.41/set [VIEW/ADD]
C3130 1967-67   Window Weatherstrip, 1967 Firebird Coupe $74.41/set [VIEW/ADD]
C31322 1967-67   Window Weatherstrip, original round bead, outers only, 1967 Firebird $99.36/set [VIEW/ADD]
C31310 1967-67   Window Weatherstrip, original style, 1967 Firebird Conv $132.14/set [VIEW/ADD]
C31301 1967-67   Window Weatherstrip, original style, 1967 Firebird Coupe $132.14/set [VIEW/ADD]
C3046 1967-67   Wiper Motor Grommets, 1967-69 Firebird $6.21/set [VIEW/ADD]
C30301 1967-67   Wiper Motor to Firewall Seal, 1967 Firebird $7.02/ea [VIEW/ADD]