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NOTEG7 All   These kits contain all the replaceable parts necessary to rebuild the front end of your car, except for the Springs and Shocks, such as: Upper and Lower Inner and Outer Bushing and Shaft Sets, King Pins, Outer Tie Rod Ends, Upper and Lower Rebound Bumper Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
CPR482 1964-64   Bearing Kit, 10-bolt ring gear, 8.4", AP $125.35/kit [VIEW/ADD]
C7450630 1964-64   Bearing, Front Inner Wheel, All 1961 Police & Tempest, 1962-81 All exc 1969-75 B $9.20/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C7450627 1964-64   Bearing, Front Outer Wheel, All 1961 Tempest & Police, 1962-75 exc 1971-75 B $8.05/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C499543 1964-64   Bolt, Wheel Lug, LH Rear, All exc 8 Lug Wheels $2.88/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C499542 1964-64   Bolt, Wheel Lug, RH Rear, All exc 8 Lug Wheels $1.73/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C917734 1964-64   Boxed Lower Control Arm Inserts, converts non-boxed to boxed, 1964-72 Grand Prix $40.25/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C535757 1964-64   Bumper, Front Lower Rebound & Pinion, 1961-69 P8 Front Lower Rebound Bumper & 1968-77 A body Pinion Bumper $16.10/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C384220 1964-64   Bumpers, Front Upper Rebound, 1959-63 P8, 1964-69 All, 1970 All A B G, 1971-72 All A G X $13.80/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C9777481R 1964-64   Bushing, Sway Bar Frame, 3/4", Full Size $10.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C538259 1964-64   Bushing, Upper & Lower Rear Control Arm, All Full Size 1961-64, 1960 2nd type lower in place of 532072 $19.55/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C548845 1964-64   Bushing, Upper Control Arm, Full Size, used w/ shafts that have internal threads and retainer bolts $13.80/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C530997RS 1964-64   Bushings, Front Stabilizer Bar, for 3/4" bar, used on 1958 w/ AS, 1960-62 Police, 1961-63 All B Body SW, Bonn & Starchief, 1963-64 GP, 1963 T4 & T8 w/ HD Susp, 1964 All Starchief, Bonn 2dr Sport Coupe & 4dr HT $13.23/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C539153 1964-64   Cap, Front Grease Hub, 1961 T4 T8, 1962-69 All, 1970 A B G, 1971-72 A G, 1971-74 X $8.22/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C26095243 1964-64   Cap, Power Steering Pump, replacement for 1964-75, correct for 1976 All, 1977 H $12.03/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C5697552R 1964-64   Center Link, 1963-70 B All exc Police, HD or Stageway Coach, 1969 F 6cyl $166.75/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CBN110 1964-64   Coil Spring Front Insulator, 1957-83 Bonn, 1950-81 Cat, 1967-70 Exec, 1967-83 F, 1973-80 GA, 1962-83 GP, 1964-71 GTO, 1963-83 LM, 1954-66 Star Chief, 1961-70 T, 1960-77 Ven $18.34/ea [VIEW/ADD]
Csprspcr38 1964-64   Coil Spring Upper Spacer Doughnut, 3/8' thick, raises car 1/2" to 3/4" $10.93/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C9778357RP 1964-64   Front & Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing, 1965-70 Full Size Rear, 1964-72 A & G Front $17.25/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C641K 1964-64   Front End Rebuild Kit, All Full Size $372.60/kit [VIEW/ADD]
C641KD 1964-64   Front End Rebuild Kit, Deluxe, All Full Size $608.35/kit [VIEW/ADD]
C6486K 1964-64   Front End Rebuild Kit, Standard, Tempest, GTO, Compact & Midsize $310.50/kit [VIEW/ADD]
C5678033 1964-64   Idler Arm Assy, All Full Size $131.19/set [VIEW/ADD]
C9422297 1964-64   Nut, Rear Axle Control Arm, 1964-68 Full Size, 1966-70 Tempest 6/8 cyl, 1970 GP lower, 3/8-16 $2.17/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C499550 1964-64   Nut, Wheel Lug Nut, LH, All exc Aluminum Hub, 1/2" x 13/16" $2.76/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C516637 1964-64   Nut, Wheel Lug Nut, RH, 1937-63 All exc Alum Hub, 1964-69 All exc Alum Hub & Drum/Rally II Wheels $0.86/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C6476BRB 1964-64   Power Steering Gear Rebuild Service, 1964-76 All Full Size, 3 1/2" piston, Core $63, e-mail, call or write for details $104.65/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C5692613RB 1964-64   Power Steering Pump Rebuild Service, All 1964 w/o Raised Mounting, w/ can, Core $70, e-mail, call or write for details $46.69/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C5696861RB 1964-64   Power Steering Pump Rebuild Service, All 1964-66 w/ Single Raised Mounting, w/o can, Core $70, e-mail, call or write for details $46.69/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C5682484RP 1964-64   Rag Joint, Steering Box to Column Flexible Coupling, All PS $17.25/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CXB33 1964-64   Rear Axle & Suspension Bumper, 1964-72 LeMans & Grand Prix, 1964-71 GTO, 1964-70 Tempest $13.57/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C539161 1964-64   Seal, Front Hub, Full Size & Tempest 4/8 cyl $13.80/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C1455257R 1964-64   Seal, Rear Axle Oil Seal, 1955 & 1959-64 Full Size $17.25/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C568690R 1964-64   Seal, Rear Axle Oil Seal, Full Size $13.23/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3186751G 1964-64   Shock, Front Gas Shock Absorber, All Full Size exc Tempest $28.75/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C533016RP 1964-64   Stabilizer Link, Front, one side, All Models $10.06/set [VIEW/ADD]
C5668674RA 1964-64   Tie Rod Adjuster Sleeve & Clamp Package, 1939-58 All, 1959-1963 All exc Police, 1964-70 All P8, 1971-81 Bonn, Cat & GV, 1969-81 F, 1971-77 G, 1961-63 & 71-77 A, 1983-89 Parisienne, 1981-89 Saf SW, 1972 X w/ 350, 1973-74 X, 1978-84 X $26.39/set [VIEW/ADD]
C9794248RP 1964-64   Upper Ball Joint, LH $71.88/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C9781031RP 1964-64   Upper Ball Joint, RH $71.88/ea [VIEW/ADD]