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CHC1000SW All   Heater Hose Clamp, original spring type, 1 Hose OD $3.45/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CHC1125SW All   Heater Hose Clamp, spring type, 1 1/8" OD $1.73/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C482420 All   Hose, Heater Hose, 3/4 $1.90/ft [VIEW/ADD]
C495692 All   Hose, Heater Hose, 5/8 $1.90/ft [VIEW/ADD]
CHC2125DW All   Radiator Hose Clamp, double wire, 2 1/8" OD $1.73/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CHC2375SW All   Radiator Hose Clamp, Lower, original spring type, 2 3/8 Hose OD $4.60/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CHC1875SW All   Radiator Hose Clamp, original spring type, Cylinder Head to Water Pump, 1 7/8 Hose OD $1.73/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CHC2125SW All   Radiator Hose Clamp, upper, original spring type, 2 1/8 Hose OD $1.73/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C484121 1967-67   A/C Compressor Rear Bracket, triangular, All V8 exc 1965 $17.25/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C9427524 1967-67   Brass Radiator Petcock $6.20/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C861050RL 1967-67   Cap, Radiator, RC15, late style, 1964-1971 All, 1972 All exc coolant recovery system $31.05/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C269514 1967-67   Engine Conversion Straps, for installation of 1970-81 motor into 1964-69 cars $51.75/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C809571 1967-67   Heater Hose Bracket, All w/o AC, mounts on block $21.85/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C6402383R 1967-67   Sending Unit, Temperature, for factory gauges, 1966-67 TLMGTO V8, 1968-70 TLMGTO 6cyl, 1967-69 Firebird V8, 1967-70 Firebird 6 cyl, 1966-70 Full Size $21.85/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C9773373RS 1967-67   Water Pump Divider Kit, P8, T4 & T8 $59.80/kit [VIEW/ADD]