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1967, TRUNK
SKU Years Loc. Details Price Cart
C9292 All   Floor Plug, plastic, 1 1/4 W $1.15/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C9291 All   Floor Plug, plastic, 1 W $1.15/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CGP745 All   Grand Prix Trunk Tote Bag $18.12/ea [VIEW/ADD]
NOTEG3 All   Trunk divider panels are UPS oversize for shipping and handling. Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
C4721222R 1967-67   Bumper, Rear Compartment Lid, installs on lid, 7/8" OD, 5/16" thick, fit 1/4" hole, OEM, All models $1.61/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C8400 1967-67   Bumper, Trunk, 1957-67 Bonn, 1955-67 Cat, 1967 Exec, 1967-68 F, 1962-67 GP, 1964-67 GTO, 1963-67 LM, 1954-66 Starchief, 1961-67 Tempest, 1960-77 Ventura $0.92/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C9781956 1967-67   Jack Post & Handle Sleeve, All exc 1974 F $12.36/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CAL113A 1967-67   Lock Assembly, Trunk, with original syle key, 1959-64, 1966-67 & 1968 B Body, 1962 & 1966-67 A Body, 1967-68 F Body $20.13/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CL473 1967-67   Lock, Trunk, button style, P8 & GP, w/ late style round head key $25.65/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CL461 1967-67   Lock, Trunk, button style, P8 & GP, w/ original style pear head key $33.06/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CGP169 1967-67   Spare Tire Cover, Herringbone, 1967-68 Grand Prix $46.58/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CGP183 1967-67   Trunk Divider, 1967-68 Grand Prix $22.76/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CGP203 1967-67   Trunk Divider, Jute, 1967-68 Grand Prix $12.75/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CGP225 1967-67   Trunk Mat, Rubber Herringbone, 1967-68 Grand Prix $48.63/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C14049810 1967-67   Trunk Plug, 1" drain hole, 2" OD, slit center, 1959-70 All, 1970-72 A F G, 1973-75 B, 1976-81 All $7.94/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CGP389 1967-67   Trunk Side Panels, Herringbone, 1967 Grand Prix Conv $65.02/set [VIEW/ADD]
CGP388 1967-67   Trunk Side Panels, Herringbone, 1967 Grand Prix Coupe $65.02/set [VIEW/ADD]
C88004 1967-67   Trunk Weatherstrip, 17 length, excellent quality Rubber sponge, more durable than original, trim ends to fit $28.75/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C5010 1967-67   Trunk Weatherstrip, 1964-74 All TLMGTO, Grand Am & Grand Prix $17.25/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C88004B 1967-67   Trunk Weatherstrip, All Models exc SW, $25.00 Set, 17' Per Car $1.69/ft [VIEW/ADD]