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NOTEG2 All   These trays fit between the rear seat and the rear window. They come installation-ready. They are die-cut. Jute Padding insulation goes between the package tray and the body bracing. It is usually rotten, causing unnecessary noise and chatter. Order new J Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
CGP124 1968-68   Package Tray, Jute, 1968 Grand Prix $10.88/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CGP108 1968-68   Package Tray, Mesh, 1968 Grand Prix $42.29/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CGP107 1968-68   Package Tray, Standard, 1968 Grand Prix $22.93/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CGP714 1968-68   Reverb Box, w/ foam pad, 1962-70 Grand Prix $16.84/ea [VIEW/ADD]