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C20461 1962-62   Clip Set, Door Window Run Channel Retainer, square U shape, 14 pcs, does 2 doors, for holding C1031014, C1031015 & C1031017 $9.49/set [VIEW/ADD]
C33054062 1962-62   Door Window Stop Cushion, OEM for 4114117, 4665181, 4672308 & 4814044, for front & rear door, rear side & quarter windows, 15/16 square, 1/2 thick $5.29/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C4099478R 1962-62   Door Window Stops, 1 1/4" square by 1/2" thick, 1959 All Front Door Window Stop, 1959 End Gate for 2135-45, 2735 $5.18/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C2310 1962-62   Horizontal Outer Window Weatherstrip, 1961-66 All Full Size $34.16/set [VIEW/ADD]
C70084956 1962-62   Seal, Front Door Vent Window Division Post, 1961-62 All Full Size Hardtop & Conv $32.09/pr [VIEW/ADD]
CDO1205 1962-62   Seals, Quarter Window Vertical, 1956-60 4dr Hardtop & 1961-64 All Full Size $9.20/pr [VIEW/ADD]
C50038558 1962-62   Side Window Plastic Guide Plate, attaches to scraper, 1 5/8" L x 5/8" H $6.21/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C50038462 1962-62   Side Window Plastic Guide Plate, attaches to scraper, 4 11/16" L $8.28/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C70065158 1962-62   Window Glass Sash Beltline Inner Channel, 1/4" chrome edge, 6' length $22.66/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C103209632 1962-62   Window Glass Vertical Run Channel, rigid, pile-lined, rubber-covered, two pieces 32" long, 1961-64 All Full Size $23.00/pr [VIEW/ADD]