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C3888682R 1972-72   Brake Pedal Pad, OEM, AT only, 1967-69 All F w/ 36 grooves, 1969-73 All A G w/ trim plate, 1970-75 All F, 1971-75 All H X, 1972-73 All B exc adj pedal, 1976-81 F, 1976-79 X $13.80/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C3893181 1972-72   Parking Brake Pedal Pad, 1967-68 F6 F8, 1971-72 All A B G, 1976-77 A B G, 1978-81 B $4.31/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C9795407 1972-72   Shift Boot, 3 or 4 Speed MT, 1967 T6 T8 exc console, 1967 P8, 1968-69 All, 1970-72 T8 GP8 $90.13/ea [VIEW/ADD]