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NOTEA16 All   1961-1974 Spark Plug Wire Sets for non-HEI or unitized ignition models come in an excellent reproduction with the correct date codes. Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
CWH38298 All   Distributor Point Plate Ground Wire, runs from distributor point plate to distributor housing, All Models $6.90/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CWH36057 All   Distributor Wire, runs from distributor points to coil negative terminal, All V8 $10.35/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CWH38236 All   Point Ignition Replacement Coil $44.85/ea [VIEW/ADD]
NOTEA15 All   Spark Plug Wire Set C36627R is a good generic reproduction. There are also year-by-year better reproductions for 1961-74. Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
NOTEA18 All   This is due to the fact that the model year for any car begins in September of the previous year. Also note that cars built prior to January 1961 did not originally have dated Spark Plug Wires. Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
NOTEA17 All   To choose the correct Spark Plug Wire date code: if your car was built in March through August, choose the first quarter (1-Q) date code of the model year. If your car was built in September through February, choose the third quarter (3-Q) date code of th Inquire [VIEW/ADD]