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CDD15 All   Hose, Defroster Duct, 1 1/2" diameter $4.03/ft [VIEW/ADD]
CDD175 All   Hose, Defroster Duct, 1 3/4" diameter $4.60/ft [VIEW/ADD]
CDD25 All   Hose, Defroster Duct, 2 1/2" diameter $6.04/ft [VIEW/ADD]
CDD2 All   Hose, Defroster Duct, 2" diameter $5.75/ft [VIEW/ADD]
CDD3 All   Hose, Defroster Duct, 3" diameter $6.33/ft [VIEW/ADD]
CDD4 All   Hose, Defroster Duct, 4" diameter $6.61/ft [VIEW/ADD]
CWH500274R All   Low Fuel Indicator Module, replacement, generic "adjustable" low fuel warning module, a complete electronic control unit to activate a warning lamp or relay when fuel level drops below a user adjustable level $57.44/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CGVTS01 All   Metal Tie Strap, w/ slotted end, old style 3/8" x 9 1/2" $4.31/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CFG08B 1978-78   Gas Tank Sending Unit, 2 outlets, for cars w/o EEC, Grand Prix 1978-79 All exc 301, 1980 All exc SW/4.9L, 1981 V6 All exc diesel, 1982-85 All exc diesel, 1987 V8 5.0L (H), Lemans 1978-79 All exc SW/301, 1980 All exc SW/4.9L, 1981 All exc SW/diesel $114.14/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CFG08A 1978-78   Gas Tank Sending Unit, 3 outlets, for cars w/EEC, Grand Am, 1978 All exc SW/301, Grand Prix, 1978 All exc 301, 1986-87 V6 3.8L (A) & V8 5.0 L (H), LeMans 1978 All exc SW/31 $81.36/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CGAS001 1978-78   Gas Tank Stencil, All GM 1964-78, Apply stencil, spray paint, remove stencil $28.75/ea [VIEW/ADD]
CSTRAP 1978-78   Gas Tank Straps for GM Tanks, set of 2 $34.50/set [VIEW/ADD]
CGM3A 1978-78   Gas Tank, 17 gallons, 1978-81 All LeMans/Grand Am exc SW, 1978-87 Grand Prix $117.30/ea [VIEW/ADD]