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1963, BELTS
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NOTEA20 All   Engine belts listing "correct" and/or "incorrect" year ranges are reproduction cloth-wrapped GM Restoration show quality belts imprinted with the GM logo, Pontiac part number, two letter Broadcast code, manufacturer's symbol and date code. Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
NOTEA21 All   In choosing the correct date code for your vehicle, keep in mind that the model year runs from the third quarter of the previous year to the second quarter of the model year. For example, the model year for a 1967 is divided into third quarter 1966, fourt Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
NOTEA19 All   There are three types of Engine Belts listed here. Belts not listing Delco or Correct year ranges in the product description are dimensionally correct modern belts. Wherever possible, we have substituted Delco belts. Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
NOTEA22 All   To order the correct date coded belt, choose by the last four characters of the belt's part number. For example, to order a 1967 model year car built in third quarter 1966, order C#RP3Q66; to order a 1967 model year car built in second quarter 1967, order Inquire [VIEW/ADD]
C548659RP3Q63 1963-63   Alt Belt, Correct for 1964 P8 AC SS, Incorrect for 1963 T8 AC SS $31.05/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C539130RP3Q67 1963-63   Alt/AC/AIR/PS Belt, Correct for Alt Belt: 1968 All V8 SS exc 62 amp alt, 1969 All V8 exc 62 amp alt, 1969 F8 2BC 400 SS AC exc MT exc VP fan, 1971 All V8, AC Belt: 1969 F8 MT SS, Incorrect for Alt Belt: T4 SS 1961-62 w/ 30 Amp Gen, 1963 All T4 SS, 1970 Al $27.60/ea [VIEW/ADD]
C9772317RP3Q63 1963-63   Alt/AC/PS/AIR Belt, Correct for AC Belt: 1964-65 T8 P8, Alt Belt: 1964-65 P8 w/ 62 amp alt exc AC, PS Belt: 1964-65 P8 w/ AC exc 60-62 amp alt or 45 amp extra low cut in gen, Incorrect for AC Belt: 1963 T8, Alt Belt: 1963 P8 w/ 62 amp alt exc AC, 1966 P8 $36.80/ea [VIEW/ADD]